Bullet Breaks Up With Girlfriend

Are bloggers to blame?

By  | Jun 17, 2020, 01:54 PM  | Wendy Shay 

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Just last week Wendy Shay ditched an interview at Accra FM after she was bombarded with questions on the nature of her relationship with Bullet her manager.

Bullet has spoken out on those rumours while dragging bloggers.

He also took the opportunity to let the public know that he had broken up with his girlfriend because of the rumours and bloggers are to blame for the demise of his relationship.

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“These bloggers and journalists don’t know what they put some of us through when they publish stuffs like ‘BULLET HAS BEEN SLEEPING WITH HIS ARTISTS’ etc. You people just ruined my relationship with my girlfriend right now”.

He went on to dare any woman that has ever worked with him to come out and say something if he had ever crossed the line. 

"I hv worked with several women both underground and mainstream.I dare any woman I hv Worked with to come out with evidence if indeed so, i dare you put it out there. Nkwasiasem this nonsense must stop. Focus on promoting my works not relationship".

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