Who Is Richest Man In Ghana?

They are worth billions

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Ghana isn't the wealthiest nation in Africa (Nigeria has held that title for the previous several years), but it's also not the poorest. The majority of its wealth comes from its natural resources, with cocoa and gold exports adding significantly to its GDP. 

However, how the nation generates revenue is one thing. Another is how the country's richest people get it. So, how do the top 1% of Ghana's population make their money?

5. Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat - $850 million in net worth

With a net worth of $850 million, Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat is the 5th wealthiest man in Ghana on the list of the top richest men and women in Ghana.

Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat was born in Ghana but is of Lebanese origin. Before founding the BBC Industrial Company in 1978, he worked for Toyota Ghana.

He is presently the chairman of IPMC, a corporation devoted to establishing a digital economy in the area through initiatives such as systems integration, software development, and IT skills development.

Other companies he started, such as Rana Motors & Metal Works Engineering Co. Ltd., supplied extra revenue that helped Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat to develop a substantial net worth and become one of Ghana's wealthiest men.

4. Ibrahim Micheal Mahama - $860 million in net worth

With a net worth of $860 million, Ibrahim Micheal Mahama is the fourth wealthiest person among Ghana's top ten richest persons.

Former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama's younger brother is a rich businessman. He was born on January 29, 1971, to Emmanuel Adama Mahama's family.

Engineers and Planners, directed by Ibrahim Micheal Mahama, specializes in mining, construction, and civil works, as well as heavy-duty equipment leasing and advice.

The prominent businessman has made enormous investments in numerous sectors of the Ghanaian economy, helping him to become the fourth wealthiest man among Ghana's top ten richest men and women.

3. Nabil Edmond Moukarzel - $900 million in net worth

Nabil Edmond Moukarzel, with a net worth of $900 million, has made our list of the top richest men and women in Ghana in 2021. Nabil Edmond Moukarzel is the third wealthiest man in Ghana, ranking third among the top ten richest men and women.

Finatrade, one of West Africa's leading food production and distribution enterprises, is where the famed billionaire has the greatest vested interests.

Akuafo Adamfo, Ghana Market Direct Ltd, Continental Commodity Trading Company, Sucatrade, and others are among Finatrade's subsidiaries.

Finatrade trades in frozen foods, vegetable oil, sugar, rice, chocolate, meat, ice cream, dairy products, drinks, powdered milk, animal feed, tiles, granite, marble, false ceilings, sanitary and kitchenware, as well as other things.

2. Sir Sam E. Jonah - $1.2 billion in net worth

With a net worth of $1.2 billion, Sir Sam E. Jonah is the second wealthiest man among Ghana's top ten richest men and women.

Sir Sam E. Jonah was born in November 1949 on the Cape Coast. Jonah once claimed that life had never been easy for him.

He began working at Ashanti Goldfield's underground mines in central Ghana when he was 25 years old. In return for an engineering scholarship at Exeter University in the United Kingdom, he worked underground for the Ashanti mining corporation.

After graduation, the affluent businessman returned to the Ashanti Mining Corporation.

According to Forbes, Sam E. Jonah was chosen Chief Executive Officer of Ashanti in 1986, when he was 36 years old and had only worked underground for the Ashanti mining firm for 11 years.

The Wealth of Sir Sam E. Jonah

Sir Sam E. Jonah owns Jonah Capital Limited, a holding company and private equity corporation that invests in mining, real estate, agricultural, construction, financial services, and oil and gas services.

He got a lot of his money via Jonah Capital, which he controls 78 percent of. As a consequence of his investments, he has become one of Ghana's wealthiest men and women.

Sir Sam E. Jonah has started on a new business endeavor in Africa, which has pushed him to the position of second wealthiest man in Ghana.

He was previously granted a Companion of the Order of the Star of the Volta, Ghana's highest national accolade, acknowledging him as one of the country's wealthiest and most prominent persons.

1. Ernesto Taricone - $1.3 billion in net worth

The list of Ghana's wealthiest individuals was topped by Ernesto Taricone. Ernesto Taricone is Ghana's wealthiest guy. He was originally rated as Ghana's second wealthiest person, after the late Charles Ampofo, the country's former richest man.

Ernesto, a business investor in Ghana, was born in Italy circa 1948. In 1968, he came to Ghana with his father and brothers.

Trasacco Group is his enterprise, which he created. The millionaire entrepreneur has a net worth of $1.3 billion.

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