Who Is Nana Ama McBrown?

How she made it to the top

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Nana Ama Mcbrown’s real name is Felicity Ama Agyemang. She is a famous Ghanaian actress, TV presenter and as well as a musical artist. Her act was first spotted behind the screens due to her role as the starring actress in the television series, Tentacles. 

She is the wife of Ghanaian footballer, Goerge Maxwell. The young couple is a sight for sour eyes, they stand out as a happy and successful couple as well. Ama Mcbrown was born in Ghana and her life had a saddest start for her parents divorced while she and her siblings were too young, which led to her family falling apart. 

It was only shortly afterwards that her Aunt and Kofi Mcbrown took them into their lives. This explains a lot about her sir name. She was so hurt by her parent’s rejection that she dropped their name in Honour and ultimate respect for the true father that she and her siblings had found.

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Her Journey 

Ama Mcbrown tried numerous times to have her face and voice heard by the masses, she was always vocal and creative from time immemorial and her guardians offered support and mentorship. One day she responded to an audition request for a film project. 

Her excitement was short-lived when she realized that she had been hired as a costume dresser, this was quite disappointing for her but as we all know, she never quit chasing her dreams, she finally woke up to it in the year 2001 when she acted with agility and cunning managing to snatch the main character’s position. 

Her talent and charisma convinced the directors and most importantly the crew that Ama would perform much better than her competitive actresses who had long diminished her sense of theatrics.

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She crafted her career from scratch and after a  few years, she was a common face among Ghanaians who enjoyed her act and beauty. Her voice was so popular you could tell it was her before you could take a seated watch her shows and films.  

She appeared in dozens of movies and commercials in the early 2000s which paved way for her financial prowess. Her rise to fame and ultimate recognition made her a prime target for promoters and marketing firms who wanted her to boost their sales, she got numerous endorsements. 

In the dawn of the past decade, she had appeared in numerous films such as Npiya ye bad, Friday night, and Coming to Africa.

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Endorsements and awards

She was granted the prestigious title as the Brand Ambassador for Royal drinks, this was a big move for her as she profited a great deal from the endorsement. 

The people’s acceptance encouraged her to venture into showbiz on a personal entrepreneurial level where she developed a Cooking show that has gained traction for her entertaining and informative shows. 

“Mcbrown Kitchen’, her own creation has seen her venture into more complex activities in the media industry. She is no longer bound to audition for projects, projects audition for her.

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Celebrity life has two constant variables, rumours and controversy, she has long been alleged to have close ties with Omar Sheriff whom she acted in several films. 

Their relations at the time were quite interesting to viewers who liked the idea since the two created a feeling of romance during the programs and films that they both appeared on. 

They however claim that it was only displayed as such because they were long-time buddies.

She has scooped a handful of awards for her acting and singing capabilities, she was awarded as In 2020, she was awarded the Radio and Television Personality Awards TV Female Entertainment Show Host Of The Year 2019–2020. 

She also picked the TV Female Presenter in 2020. She gloriously won the Woman Brand awards at the third edition of the GOWA. She leads a contented life and has been blessed with a baby girl who she loves and treasures more than her career.

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