What Exactly Is Black Sherif's Net Worth In 2022

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Black Sherif
Black Sherif is the professional and popular name for Ghanaian music artist and performer Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong. Black Sherif was born in the Ashanti region, Ghana, on 9th January 2002 and raised in Konongo. He was brought up in a Muslim household by Mr. Frimpong, his father and his mother, Mrs. Ante Marie. 

His songwriting and music career originates from his childhood lifestyle since he grew up in the ghetto listening to Ghanaian and Nigerian Afro beats sounds via the radio. In his early teenage years, he started making freestyle rap songs and performed for the admiration of his neighbors and friends.

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How he makes his money

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Black Sherif's net worth is attributed to his passion for music which he had since his childhood ages. The songwriter and performer made his first debut single titled "Cry For Me" after graduating from secondary school in 2019. The song was his first step in introducing him to a broad audience for his music career.

Black Sherif has his unique style of songwriting and composing, which involves fusing Trap beats with Grime sounds that sets him apart from other artists.

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In 2020, he released another single, Money, which is regarded as the first hit song that made him rise to fame both in his home country and other counties in West Africa. Since the release of Money, the artist has taken the Afro music industry by storm by releasing a series of other singles, such as the First Sermon and Second Sermon, in 2021. 

The Second Sermon enabled Black Sherif to collaborate with a top African artist and Grammy Winner, Burna Boy. As a result, he rose to fame and even top several music charts in Ghana and Nigeria Apple Music Charts, making him the first artist from Ghana to have a single solo hit on the Nigeria Apple Music Charts.

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Black Sherif Net Worth 2022

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The young music star builds a good fortune from his music career and passion by performing a good number of concerts and shows. In 2021, Black Sherif's net worth was estimated to be around the US $100,000. 

However, in the early months of 2022 (31st March), he released another single, "Kwaku The Traveller", which greatly impacted his career and net worth. 

For instance, the music has attracted more than 5 million views on YouTube within a span of three months. It also rose to the top of the charts by being the number one in Nigeria and Ghana Apple Music Charts. His late release raised his net worth to $300,000 as of May 2022.

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Other sources of Income

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Moreover, Black Sherif has other sources of revenue such as shows and performances, social media promotions and brand ambassador, selling his records and other forms of business which also contribute to his net worth.

He also has over a million followers on Instagram and over 400K on Twitter which adds to his social influence and popularity.

According to a publication by The Flash, the estimated net worth of Black Sherif in 2022 is over $ 500,000, based on previous research and updates. The young star's net worth is still rising, and his future ratings will entirely depend on his progress and success in his career, which is expected to be positive.

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