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Twene Jonas
One of the most well-known Ghanaian social media users that reside outside of Ghana is without a doubt Twene Jonas. In Ghana, he is referred to by many of his supporters as the youth president. 

He has a reputation for being rude to those who don't behave according to his standards and for trolling them. According to him, Ghanaian politicians only care about the welfare of their families and themselves and are egotistical, slothful, and immoral.

Because of his Facebook live recordings during the pandemic, Jonas gained a lot of attention and visibility online. He appears to just demand from Ghana's authorities good leadership, accountability, and resource management. He performs all of things in a way that gets a lot of attention.

He thinks that verbally abusing his targets is the only way to swiftly gain attention.

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Twene Jonas' Career

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In Ghana and the US, Twene Jonas is a well-known director of motion pictures. His business name is Royal Jonas Films.

He directs movies and is an activist. He has frequently criticized African especially Ghanaian leaders for their ineffective leadership.

He gained enormous popularity and started trending in 2020 after video of him complimenting American politicians for their excellent leadership and condemning Ghanaian leaders for "chopping" average taxpayers' money leaked.

Others think he is overwhelmed by America's numerous developments and feels driven to demand more of Ghanaians, even though some disagree with his technique of criticizing Ghanaian leaders to make a point.

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Twene Jonas' Net Worth

Twene Jonas just disclosed that he had a net worth of over $25 million. He demonstrated it using one of his banking apps by displaying his account balance of at least $25 million.

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Twene Jonas' Girlfriend

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In one of his videos, Twene Jonas stated that he is seeing a white American woman. He also said that the woman's father brought him to the country and gave him a place to stay when he arrived.

Since then, Jonas has never revealed who his claimed girlfriend is. However, we were able to grab a picture of the two of them together, and it is provided for you here.

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Twene Jonas' Cars

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Many people assume the young man does not own some of the most costly and opulent vehicles ever produced because he flaunted them.

He posts images of the most recent Rolls Royce and Bentley models as well as Lambogini and Benz. Just try to guess whether he genuinely owns them or if they are there for the social media attention.

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Twene Jonas' House

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Twene Jonas only resides in a rented flat and is currently stationed in the United States of America. But in Ghana, the social commentator is building a home for himself where, when he's ready, he'll raise his family after getting married and having kids, as every man hopes.

Twene Jonas' Education

Since nothing is known about Twene Jonas' educational background, it is still unknown if he has received any official schooling. We would like to think that he received some sort of education while growing up. We'll update this article as soon as we have enough information about his academic background.
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