Shatta Wale And Stone Bwoy, Who's The Hottest

Ghanaian music's Messi and Ronaldo

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For years, two of Ghana's most popular dancehall musicians have been at odds with one other. As the back and forth comes to a close, we analyze the events that have moulded this.

Partnerships and collaborations are at the heart of music. Without a doubt, fantastic things happen as a result of this. However, issues can occur as a result of this, particularly if the primary players are music stars who, however incorrectly, feel there is only room for one 'king' on the scene. The figurative kingdom.

Shatta Wale And Stonebwoy’s position in Ghanaian music

Enter Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, two of Ghana's most popular dancehall artists. Since 2012, when he changed his name from Bandana to what it is now, the former has had commercial and critical success. If you've ever doubted the power of a name, Shatta Wale appears to be a physical manifestation of that scepticism. 

His music has a big fan base, with listeners from all over the world that enjoy Afro-Pop and Dancehall. His risqué themes appeal to the majority of his fan base's machismo; his voice, it should be noted, perfectly drives his songs, leaving most listeners in awe of his skill.

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Stonebwoy, on the other hand, is a unique dancehall performer. He appears to be the more adaptable. The singer, born Livingstone Etse Satekla, had his major debut in 2012 and won the BET Award for Best International Act three years later. 

This boosted his fame to new heights. In order to recognize his brilliance, Ghanaian prizes were given to him, many of which were in the dancehall genre, which he shared with other artists such as Samini (Stonebwoy's mentor) and Shatta Wale.

Who’s The King, between Shatta Wale and Stone Bwoy

Following the very juvenile idea that 'there can't be two kings in a country,' these artists have been forced to loudly and blatantly claim their turf. Shatta Wale bears the brunt of the blame, having already dragged Stonebwoy and Samini through the mud in character. 

This cliché was reinforced by his song "Dancehall King," which helped him win "Artiste of the Year" at the 2014 Ghana Music Awards. The braggadocio-laced tune was undeniably catchy, riffing on the naturalistic concept of self-assurance. Shatta Wale goes on to sing the following words after mentioning Bob Marley:

"Dancehall a mi ting wi nuh watch biter No claim mi is a nightrider So wi never like to roll wif some stupid faker," he says.

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Stonebwoy maintained his composure throughout, maybe making subliminal remarks to his industry competitor. Samini, it should be noted, showed little personal interest in this, owing to his status as a veteran in Ghana's music industry. 

As a result, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale were left to'mark territory.' Further investigation reveals that the two had been in contact since competing in a dancehall competition on Accra's Tawala Beach. Stonebwoy is said to have dominated the "Battle Days" event, which may have heightened rivalry years later when the two would become direct competitors for the country's and continent's largest dancehall accolades.

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Do Shatta Wale and Stone Bwoy like each other

Despite the fact that both artists have sought peace in the past, the relationship between two of Ghana's biggest artists has been topsy-turvy. Shatta Wale released 'No Mercy For The Cripple' in March 2018, a song that most fans correctly assumed was about Stonebwoy, who suffers from a knee issue that causes him to walk with a slight limp. Shatta Wale was being followed and cautioned all throughout the business; Stonebwoy didn't respond. Sarkodie, a veteran rapper from Tema, had other ideas.

He released a song called 'My Counsel,' which was more advice than trash. Sarkodie is shown in the video wearing a white shirt, drinking a glass of vodka, and rapping calmly, criticizing Shatta Wale's antics and their bad implications. The message was pushed to as many ears as it needed to be in the midst of the Internet's ever-increasing power, even Shatta Wale's stans came to realize that a return to just music was best for Shatta Wale, who is still lovingly known as Bandana in some quarters.

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Another argument had apparently prompted Sarkodie to take action. Stonebwoy was probed about the reality of Shatta Wale's accusations that he (Stonebwoy) had declined to participate during an interview on Accra radio station Hitz FM in September 2018. 

The Ashaiman-born musician launched into a rant, recalling how Shatta Wale had stated Stonebwoy was to blame for his mother's death in 2015. That struck a nerve with impartial viewers, whose heads trembled at the low volume. In an interview, Shatta Wale responded by denying the charges. That was before Sarkodie's song came out.

For a long period, all sides kept their mouths shut about their long-standing feud. When Stonebwoy was named the winner of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for Dancehall Artiste of the Year on May 19th, Shatta Wale and his crew went up onto the platform and lit the fire.
According to Shatta Wale's post-show explanation ("My team had good intentions"), he was stepping up to congratulate Stonebwoy in a public attempt to create peace between them going ahead. Stonebwoy, on the other hand, perceived Shatta's gesture as a threat. 

He would be shown snatching a pistol from a security detail on-stage in the aftermath recordings. The event resulted in a large squabble, and the awards presentation was thrown into chaos.

"I had no choice but to respond instinctively since we all know how premeditative certain individuals can be." We've seen the threats and everything on social media, so we couldn't walk in unprepared," Stonebwoy allegedly stated. "I came in peace and I go in peace, and I apologise to the whole Ghanaian people for the fact that the awards will continue."
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