Criss Waddle’s Net worth - How Much Does He Have?

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Criss Waddle’s Net worth
Criss Waddle is the stage name of Tema a Ghanaian hip-hop recording artist. As the CEO of AMG Business, the record label best known for launching rapper Medikal into the public eye, Criss Waddle's net worth has increased tremendously. He began as a plumber in his hometown before agreeing to work abroad.

Although Criss Waddle’s networth has not been publicly announced, the artist lives a lavish lifestyle which shows he is worth millions of dollars. Waddle is known for making hit songs such as Forgetti Obia, Ayi and Bie Gya.

Criss Waddle became well-known after he recorded the number-one song "Ayi". The song was released, and as it spread throughout the airwaves, it quickly became popular!

He has now developed a reputation as an artist and a businessman. He's a well-known artist who wants to keep his personal matters to himself. This became clearer when Criss Waddle wed in a private ceremony and kept it a secret.

In addition to being a well-known artist, Criss Waddle is renowned for having excellent taste in cars and amassing a sizable collection of pricey fast cars.

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Criss Waddle’s Cars

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The Bie Gya hitmaker’s lifestyle is what many would dream of. Chris Waddle’s net worth consist of flashy, luxurious and expensive cars. The artist is famous for spending his money on cars. The artist flaunted his new Mercedes Benz AMG on December 31st 2018, he had purchased it as a gift for himself. 

His garage is also parked with a five seater, 4 wheel drive 340-510 horsepower Range Rover Sport. It is amongst the most expensive machines owned by Waddle.

The artist’s girlfriend also drives a red 2009 Mercedes Benz C class. The C300 model machine has quite an amazing look with a personalized plates. Criss Waddle also own a Chevrolet Camaro and an Audi amongst other cars which he refers to as small cars.

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Criss Waddle’s house

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His large residence in Ghana is another component of Criss Waddle's net worth. The home is a large mansion with numerous rooms. He really is a filthy rich dude.

Even though he claims that people should focus on his career rather than his wealth, all fans want to know is how wealthy their favorite musician is, and all studies actually demonstrate that he is wealthy. He worked hard to earn his wealth, which he does not appear to have inherited.

You never know when someone's blessing may come through; after he signed the contract, he did experience a breakthrough. The artist holds investments in Ghana in addition to his mansion and cars.

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Criss Waddle’s businesses

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Rapper Criss Waddle claims that although people only know him as a realtor, he also runs other profitable enterprises that he keeps to himself. He claimed that sometimes it's necessary for celebrities to keep their businesses hidden from the general public.

Criss Waddle claimed in an interview with Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that opening a "food" business would simply serve to reduce his demand since Ghanaians enjoy "copying" modern business practices. ‘Whether you have established yourself is irrelevant. 

The demand could decline. I think a few of us are engaging in such importing.'  He informed the host Sammy Forson, "I've been in the food business for about three years".

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