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Yaw Tog‘s net worth
Yaw Tog is a native of Ghana and a West African. He was born on May 8, 2003, in Kumasi. He was exposed to several problems of life growing up in a middle-class family, which helped him develop new perspectives on life.

Together with his parents and brothers, he grew up in one of Kumasi's busiest areas. His musical taste was influenced by this, and he began rapping as a youngster. Yaw Tog would get out with some of his buddies on the weekends and during vacations to do his freestyle moves. Additionally, he began writing rap songs, which he then performed in front of his family and friends.

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Yaw Tog‘s net worth

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Yaw Tog is thought to be worth between $200,000 and $400,000. He has over the years managed to keep both his personal life and properties private hence not leaving much for the public about where he lives or what car he drives.

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Yaw Tog‘s Career

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Rapper Yaw Tog made the decision to concentrate on drill rap, which is possibly a subgenre of trap music, after months of developing his skill. In 2018, he was serious about music. In a studio in his neighborhood, he recorded the track Sore with the help of his friends O'Kenneth, Reggie, City Boy, and Jay Bahd. On September 3, 2020, the song was broadcast on radio stations worldwide. Sore, a Ghanaian term that in English means "raise up,"

To Yaw Tog's astonishment, the song quickly garnered popularity and became viral as listeners from all over the world grooved to it. This immediately thrust Yaw Tog into the public eye, and many Ghanaian and international artists began looking for him to collaborate with. Yaw Tog and his mates shot a music video for the song as quickly as they could because of the song's brief success. The song "sore" was made public on September 18, 2020.

For weeks, Sore was the number-one song on the Apple Music Chart Ghana, Boomplay, Spotify, and other popular music streaming services. Over 3.3 million people have watched the Sore music video on YouTube.

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He made the decision to attempt a remix of the song in an effort to cash in on his fame. Around this time, he worked with Kwesi Arthur, a Ghanaian trap musician, and Stormzy, a well-known UK rapper. Stormzy's mother is from Ghana even though he is a British citizen. This explains why he was more than happy to collaborate on the project with Yaw Tog.

The song's remix was made available on March 4th, 2021. The three rappers met expectations and were on point, as expected by music critics, and it was undoubtedly well welcomed by music enthusiasts.

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The song has been downloaded and listened to by millions of people. The Sore remix music video received 1.6 million views on YouTube in a week, and it is anticipated that this number will rise dramatically.

Yaw Tog has collaborated with other rapidly developing musicians and produced further singles. Time, his debut EP, was released before the end of 2020. Singles from the album include Gold Friend, Mood, and Akatafoc.

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