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Shatta Wale, whose full name is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, is a Ghanaian producer and reggae-dancehall performer born on October 17, 1984. He is most known for his breakout hit song Dancehall King, which earned him the Artiste of the Year award at the Ghana Music Awards in 2014.

Shatta Wale proved that he could act by starring in his debut film, Never Say Never, alongside Charles Kofi Bucknor, Edward Kufuor, and Paulina Oduro, as well as in Shattered Lives alongside Bisa K'dei and Majid Michel.

Charles attended Winneba Secondary School and was known as 'Ayoz' during that period. After graduating from high school, he changed his identity to "Bandana" and published the popular song "Bandana from Ghana." In 2004, the song created a lot of buzz in Ghana's music business.
Bandana went on an artistic sabbatical after releasing his debut album, Bandana from Ghana, until he re-branded himself as Shatta Wale and released his smash single Dancehall King in 2013.

He is the creator, leader, and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Shatta Movement (SM) (SM4LYF).

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Shatta Wale's meteoric rise began during the 2013 VGMAs, when he created a song titled Me Need No Awards in which he accused the organisers of robbing him of the Dancehall Artiste of the Year award, which he claimed was given to female Dancehall Artiste Kaakie.

The song's lyrics were quite harsh. This, according to the media, bloggers, and other entertainment commentators was the catalyst for his success and importance in Ghana's music industry.

Shatta Wale cars

G-Wagon (29 million - 54 million Naira) in 2017

Shatta Wale was given a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon by EIB Network's Nathaniel Kwabena nicknamed Bola Ray for his birthday in 2016. With a 5.5-liter V-8 producing 563 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, the Mercedes-AMG G63 is by far the most popular model. Later, Shatta allegedly added his own red G-Wagon Brabus.

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Toyota Highlander (market value: 9 million to 14 million Naira)

Because of its luxurious interior, strong V6 engine, and smooth ride, the 2018 Toyota Highlander is in the top third of the midsize SUV class. Shatta Wale's supporters gave him this Toyota Highlander in January 2018.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (13-36 million Naira)

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a mid-size premium compact automobile that debuted in 2018. The C-Class has a luxurious cabin, sophisticated engine options, and calm handling. This automobile was given to him by a fan.

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Dodge Charger (11 million - 25 million Naira) 

It offers quick acceleration, agile handling, and a roomy interior. Few other large vehicles can match the optional V8 engine's ferocious horsepower, and it boasts engaging handling. However, the control comes at the sacrifice of fuel efficiency.

The Dodge Charger comes from the People Celebrity of the Year award, which was given out on December 30, 2017. Instead of being handed the automobile in 2017, it was provided to him in 2019. When the singer learned of Kobe Bryant's death, he reportedly destroyed the automobile.

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Range Rover (about 34 million Naira)

With strong engines, a smooth ride, and remarkable agility for a vehicle of this size, it's one of the greatest off-road vehicles in its class. Shatta also looks to have a newer model, as shown below.

2021 Range Rover (60 million Naira)

The Range Rover boasts a roomy cabin, strong engines, and outstanding off-road capability. The 2021 Range Rover is a fantastic premium SUV. When the going gets difficult, this SUV maintains a good level of stability through curves and glides over rough terrain with ease. Shatta Wale recently purchased this vehicle.

Maserati (57 million Naira)

Maserati is well-known for producing high-end, luxurious, and fashionable automobiles, and it is. It provides something unique in a high-performance, six-figure coupe or convertible that embodies everything that makes Italian automobiles so enticing and compelling.

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Escalade (32 million Naira)

It has a higher-quality cabin, bigger luggage capacity, and significantly more third-row legroom. With three separate screens, the Escalade's dashboard is virtually totally interactive. He may have purchased this vehicle since Sarkodie did so first.

Shatta Wale's mansion

After all, it appears like Shatta may have something to brag about. The self-proclaimed king of dancehall lives in a beautiful estate in a secluded Accra neighborhood. His residence is depicted in photos as a massive structure with a highly contemporary architecture.

The singer has also claimed that he has a second home in Ghana, however it is unclear whether this is genuine. Shatta Wale's net worth is reported to be $10 million therefore this might be real.

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