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Ghanaian actress and media personality Afia Schwarzenegger was born Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa in Kumasi, Ghana. Afia is a comedian, mother, actress, philanthropist and television host, known for her headlining and dramatic lifestyle. 

She is also CEO of Schwar TV on YouTube. Afia Schwarzenegger has an approximated net worth of $700, 000 as of 2022 attributed to her numerous businesses. 

Afia asserts that her biggest achievement is being a mother to her children and with such a lifestyle, she often flaunts pictures of them on social media. Afia has five kids in total. Two adopted and three biological.

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Afia Schwarzenegger twin sons

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These indistinguishable young handsome men continue to leave girls in Ghana drooling over them. Afia has twin sons namely James-Lan Heerdegen Geilling and John Irvin Heerdegen Geilling. 

The pair are all grown as they celebrated their 18th birthday on August 21, 2020. Customarily, Afia flaunts her houses and fleet of cars on social media. Exhibit A is a mansion she got her twin sons after they graduated from their senior high.

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Afia Schwarzenegger daughter

Her daughter Pena was the only child she bore with her last known husband Lawrence Abrokwah. Adiepena Geiling Amankona was born on 11 July, 2014. This was not in the public domain until the celebration of her sixth birthday party.

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Afia Schwarzenegger children's father

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The father of Afia’s twins is alleged to be a German. However, the CEO continues to conceal the identity of their biological father. Ayisha Modi, who is currently in a hot beef with Afia claims she knows exactly who the twins’ biological father is and that he is not German. 

According to Modi, Afia's statement that her twin kids have a German father has always been a lie. Apparently, their dad is just an old American man called John. 

She goes ahead to allege that Afia has been using her adopted daughter Pena to blackmail prominent personalities in Ghana. However, Afia says Pena's father is her last husband Lawrence Abrokwah.

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Are Afia Schwarzenegger twin sons in a relationship?

The TV personality has revealed that his twin sons, given their age bracket, love women a little too much and are not virgins. She disclosed this during an interview with Zionfelix on his YouTube page.  

One of the twins had made the headlines after being pictured with a girl said to be his girlfriend. Notwithstanding, Afia says her kids will not date any girl from Ghana. She went on to admit that the recent girlfriend isn't the first girlfriend of theirs that she had sacked.

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Afia Schwarzenegger twins Education and career

When the students were admitted, Afia got into trouble with their Senior House Master for punishing her twins for not going to church yet they are Jewish. She later threatened to sue the famous Physics teacher. 

The twins completed Kumasi senior high school in 2020 where Afia said they took General science. Bloggers claim that they did not take General Science but rather Visual Arts. The twins have landed several brand ambassador deals and are models in their own right.
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