What Do You Know About Kojo Jones' Wife?

Who is she?

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One of Ghana's young millionaires, Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah (born 3 July 1989), is intensifying competition in the country's commercial environment.

He has more than ten years of expertise in building, design, and international real estate development and has become an unrivalled economic success.

Working for a few construction and real estate firms in the UK, he gathered a lot of experience.

After working in the UK and earning a great deal of knowledge, experience, and exposure, Kojo returned to Ghana in 2015 to start a new business with his family.

Empire Concrete Ltd., Empire Domus Ltd., Dominion International Petroleum Ltd., KJM Trading Ltd., and Kingscrown Media are just a few of the companies he founded and serves as CEO of.

His natural talent is for seeing company development chances and making the most of them so that he may produce living situations that go above and beyond expectations.

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Kojo Jones' wife

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Mrs Raychel Jones Mensah, Kojo Jones' new wife, is the darling of Ghanaian social media, thanks to her sultry London accent. Raychel's prim and proper London accent may be heard in wedding films that have gone viral on Tiktok and other social media platforms.

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Career/ Awards

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After graduating from college, Kojo Jones worked at Atrium Park Developments in the UK. Later, he collaborated with New Generation Construction to build opulent homes for sale in the UK. In 2015, Kojo went back to Ghana. He now manages and owns several companies. He started the KJM foundation out of a desire to help others.

In 2018, he won the Glitz Style Award for "Business Executive of the Year" and the Exclusive Men of the Year Africa Awards for the "Young Achiever Award." In addition, he was included in TheYCEO & Avance Media's 2019 Top 50 Young CEOs list in Ghana.

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The Jones-Mensah family has experience with the legal system.

Kojo Jone attended London Metropolitan University to study business law because he was interested in the legal system.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws in Business Law in 2011, then continued his education at Coventry University in the UK to receive a Master of Business Administration focused on Oil and Gas Management in 2012.

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Kojo Mensah is his biological father; he is unknown to the media.

Political figure and NDC member Hon. Sylvester Mensah was his uncle and represented the Dade-Kotopon Constituency in the House of Representatives from 1997 to 2001.

Under former President John Mahama, he served as the National Health Insurance Scheme's director.

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His mother is Rev. Dr Gifty Akushika Lamptey, who was the late Hon. David Lamptey's wife and a former Klottey-Korle member of parliament.

She is the founder of the non-denominational, Bible-believing Redemption Worship International (RWI) Ministries.

The mother of Kojo Jones and his younger brother had two boys before she wed Hon. David Lamptey.

Before they were legally married, she gave birth to one kid with the late politician five years earlier.

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