Patience Nyarko Storms Out Of Interview Over Joe Mettle

H for Hectic!

By  | May 20, 2020, 02:40 PM

Gospel singer Patience Nyarko trended for all the wrong reasons when she revealed her opinion of Joe Mettle.

She said: ‘Joe Mettle is being overhyped because he sings in English whilst he hasn’t written a lot of songs like the others'.

She went on to save he only sings Pentacostal and Methodist hymns.

She was approached by Joy News to discuss her statement. She said she stands by what she said and will not be apologizing to anyone becuase she did not insult Joe Mettle.

When the TV host challenged her opinion here is what she said.

then add 60 to it to make it 100’ adding that ‘don’t come and push me, thank you’

"If Joe Mettle has 40 songs then add 60 to it to make it 100, of those songs how many do you know? don’t come and push me, thank you"

Then she walked out.

It seems like there is beef between the two stars and it is only a matter of time before things escalate.

Main Image Credit: GHbase