Efia Odo Claps Back At Fans Who Accused Her Of Blasphemy

Efia doesn't care what you think...

By  | Apr 14, 2020, 10:30 AM  | Efia Odo 

Efia Odo has some pretty strong opinions about religion, and she's not afraid to make them known to her fans...

The actress and slay queen, who is particularity outspoken about her lack of belief towards the Christian faith which she claims is a "fraud",  has once again taken aim at it's followers on her social media pages.

During a time when Christians around the world were celebrating the holy Easter weekend, Efia took to her Instagram to share her unpopular opinion once again.

Not only did she mock the Christian faith, which she called "mental slavery", but she also called out the teachings of the Bible as "stories".

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But most fans had enough of Efia's blasphemous and controversial comments and left countless angry comments under her posts

One read;"Stop this Efia. Your leading people astray with your bizarre beliefs. God is the Truth and the only way into His kingdom is to give your life to Christ and obey His commandments".

But Efia was clapping back left, right and centre and let fans know if they didn't like what she had to say, they could unfollow her.

Take a look at some of the countless comments Efia responded to...

Efia calls out Christians for 'protecting' slavery.
She also had to make it about race too!
Efia claims followers of Christianity are "lost"

What do you think of Efia's controversial posts? Does she have a right to defend her own opinion...or should she keep them to herself?

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Image credit: Instagram @efia_odo