Stonebwoy Calls Out The Local Music Industry

Ghanaian artists are being defrauded

By  | May 16, 2020, 03:12 PM

Stonebwoy has called out the music industry in Ghana for alleged defrauding Ghanaian artists of revenue that they should be making from streams and sales of their songs. 

While his thread does not go as far as naming names, it is clear that he is talking about the recording labels executives that control the information that artists receive about the success of their singles. 

The first part of his thread states that, “We have to fix the systems and machinery in place to record and account for all the forms of revenue and money that our music/creativity attracts here in Ghana.”

Stonebwoy goes on to suggest that if the kinks that have affected the revenue those Ghanaian artists receive is fixed than, “Every soul on that “food chain” will eat well!”

The 1Gad rapper alluded to the fact that the lack of touring and live performances due to the current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how “the systems and machinery” has now shown how artists are not being paid fairly. 

He went on to put the onus on “our generation” to make the change happen in the music industry. 

The comments on the post suggested that he is not the first artist to highlight the issue, with many stating that Shatta Wale was one of the first artists to speak up about the matter.

Image credit: Twitter @stonebwoyb