Haters Mock Sister Derby After She Posts Nyash Workout Video

Your beauty is not defined by your booty...

By  | Oct 01, 2020, 09:57 AM  | Sister Derby  | Drama

Sister Derby can do nothing right when it comes to her haters...

Her biggest critics seem to find fault with everything about her - from her age to her relationship history, to even her music and fashion sense.

And so it continued this week when the African Mermaid drew criticism once more after she shared an Instagram post showing her home workout routine.

Deborah was met with a slew of nasty comments from followers who commented on her 'flat nyash'.

"Is she pumping her legs or her bone booty," commented one follower, who later added; "go get some a**" and "one of my a** is your full body".



Another even brought up her romance with Medikal and how he seemingly left her for wife and baby mama Fella Makafui (this is getting old already!)

"I think she is working on her buttocks. Maybe that made someone take Uncle Obama from her," read another mean comment.


But as we know (and love about), Derby is never one to deny a critic a clapback and basically told one follower to go check themselves before they pass comments on her page.


Can we stop hating on other women already?

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Image credit: Instagram @sisterdeborah