Shatta Wale: The Militants Were Lazy And Ungrateful

The musician was fed up and broke his silence on why he let go the group.

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 02:00 PM  | Shatta Wale   | Drama

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Record label owner of SM Record Label, Shatta Wale has finally broken his silence over the rumors that upcoming boy band, the Militants, have left his stable. The Militants are a quartet made up of band members Addi Self, Captan, Joint 77 and Natty Lee. 

In what is now a viral Facebook live video, Shatta Wale shut down any speculations that the reason he got rid of the group was that he was jealous of them. 

On the contrary, Shatta Wale made it clear he could not get rid of them fast enough because the group could not write bangers that were worthy of being signees of SM Record Label. 

He reveals their departure had in January, explaining that β€œI sacked them a long time but they release nonsense music in WhatsApp groups and people believe I wrote those songs.” 

This was after they were in their feeling when he said β€œto write songs he and SM fans would be proud of,” which now we know they did not. 

However, it seems talking about them only made angrier about their depart as he reveals that when he let them go the group tried to get physical with him, which made his decision even clearer.

Image credit: Instagram @shattawalenima
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