Tweeps Drag Juliet Ibrahim For Calling Them Beggars

Sis went too far this time

By  | Apr 10, 2020, 11:53 AM  | Juliet Ibrahim  | Drama

If there is one thing celebs should know by now is that Black Twitter is nobody's friend and will drag you for filth if you ever cross them.

Juliet Ibrahim is learning it the hard way after she dissed Ghana and Nigeria in Rapper Tory Lanez's Instagram live.

Juliet made a late night appearance on the rapper's live and thought to share with him and his audience a few things about African and how we behave in people's IG lives.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, whenever an African artist is doing an IG live Nigerians and Ghanaians are quick to drop account numbers and beg for money.

She even stated that residents from the two countries should exit the live and go to sleep because they would not get anything from Tory Lanez.

Tweeps caught wind of it and pounced. They dragged her brain power, acting skills and body structure, they were merciless. At this point she should just delete her Twitter account and keep it moving!

Tweeps also pointed out although she was calling them out for begging on the internet she was also begging in a way when she snuck her business handle in there.

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