Fella Makafui Defends Her Husband

She says she won't help the needy ever again

By  | Apr 04, 2020, 12:16 PM  | Fella Makafui  | Drama

Earlier this week musician Medikal was accused of neglecting to pay an injured fan's medical bills, after huge speakers fell on the fan during one of Medikal's concerts.

Medikal was quick to defend himself and actually produced receipts that show that he indeed has been paying the bills and visiting the fan.

In an Instagram Live video, he claimed he paid not only Frank's bill of GH¢30,000 but the bills of 10 other fans who were also injured during the accident.

The hitmaker claims the injured fan is a con artist trying to gain the public's sympathy and get more money from him.

His wife actress, Fella Makafui has come out to defend her husband against the damning allegations. In a lengthy Twitter thread she noted that helpless people will no longer get the help they need because of a few ungrateful people.

She further stated that people should be careful how they treat others on social media because their behaviour might come back and haunt them later on.

Of course the response from her fans was mostly positive but others wondered why she had to be the one to put out the fires when it is her husband who should prove that indeed he has been looking after his fans.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved quickly. 

Main Image Credit: ghanaweb.com