Akuapem Poloo Dragged For Naked Birthday Shout Out

Was this necessary?

By  | Jun 30, 2020, 04:55 PM  | Akuapem Poloo 

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Today is Akuapem Poloo's son's birthday and she took to Instagram to commemorate the momentous event. 

In the picture she posted on Instagram. She is seen kneeling naked in front of her son who is also wearing nothing except a pair of briefs. 

While her caption was touching fans felt like being naked with her 7 year old son was a bit too much. 

Son today reminds me of the very day I gave birth to you with no stress and with no regret.....30th June 2013 exactly 4:46am Sunday Haha I still remember this date paa because it's really meant a lot to me, I only felt the 30 minutes pain when you were turning to come out🙉🙉🙉 you were soo good to me. I gave birth with no complication, no cut no disability Haha I love you son. You see how you looking at me🤔 always remember that I love you👩‍❤️‍👨 I'm naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me naked lying somewhere don't pass by me but rather see me as your mom who brought you to life.
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The fans were not here for the nudity even actress Beverly Afaglo disapproved.

“Oh why? Awww no way. But why is the boy wearing briefs and she is naked? I don’t even accept dressing up in the presence of your son who is more than 3 years. These kids know too much these days and it’s not healthy for them.”

So you entered studio, removed your clothes and told him oya lets take birthday pictures? Heeey!

I am so uncomfortable I can’t like this picture. Not everything is showbiz... 😒

When you gave birth to him you were naked we get it ...but when you gave birth to him was he wearing this pant ? Anyway what’s my business

This is madness

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