Sarkodie: "We Selling Our Power For Cheques"

King Sark is speaking out and letting his politics be heard.

By  | Sep 25, 2020, 11:00 AM  | Sarkodie  | Top of The

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Sarkodie has finally lent his voice and platform to advancing the conversation of African unity. The rapper had not shared much during the social media storm encouraged by the Black Lives Matter movement these past weeks, but in a series of recent tweets he has shared his views. 

King Sark let it be known that he believes that before he can be the propagation of oneness, Africans need to first be able to work as a united front. He problematized the idea of “another race” coming in to fix African problems by questioning what they have to gain by doing so. 

The tweets struck a nerve as many agreed with, but the real question is beyond the tweets how does Africa unite and who will lead the charge towards the unity?

Image credit: Instagram @sarkodie
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